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"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." ~ Vince Lombardi
Jason Safford
Founder & CEO of Exceptional Results Now!
25+ Years Entrepreneurship & 
Executive Leadership
20 Years Green Real Estate Development
Author of Winning with Exceptionalism
Exceptional Power Coach
Ronique Clark
Exceptional Relationships Coach
More About Coaching
Those who hire Coaches are strong-minded characters. They’re going places and getting things done. They might not always know exactly where they are going or exactly what it is they plan to do, but they have a sense of purpose and a commitment to themselves that can be amplified considerably by working with a Coach.

That is why they hire a Coach, to get more out of themselves than they ever thought possible by working on their own.

Ask anyone who has had a great Coach for any length of time if they could have done it on their own, without the help of a personal Coach, and watch their face light up as they tell you it was the very best decision they ever made. Do your research and you can find one like this too!

People who hire a Coach are not ordinary people.
They are inspired and have vision. They embrace change and are prepared to get fully engaged in making positive changes in their life. Plus, they don’t want it to take forever!

They have a sense of urgency, and they want someone they can lean on, confide in, use as a sounding board, and rely on to help them make the inevitable tough decisions that they can see on the horizon.
People hiring their first Coach are often racked with pessimism. 
They think, “What if I waste my money?”

Consider that, before you hire a coach, you’re already wasting time, which is the same as money, and you lack the resources to resolve the issues at hand. It would cost you less to hire a Coach and find out first-hand and NOW how unbelievably useful a Coach can be.
People who are hiring their second or subsequent Coach have no pessimism. What they are looking for is the perfect fit for them and the circumstances they find themselves in.

Within reason, money is not the issue and they never think about the possibility of wasting it. Their main concern is finding the RIGHT Coach and then hoping that the Coach they choose has a spot left open where they can be accommodated, and can they start today?
Is Hiring a Coach Right For You? Maybe. Maybe not.

Are you at a point where NOT taking action is costing you time and money? Do you feel stuck in your struggles?
Could you use encouragement and sage advice in moving forward?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, perhaps a coach can get you moving in the right direction to help you create the life you desire - and sooner rather than later.

We believe in positive human-planet relationships that allows leaders to achieve the most valuable impact for the world by developing their green mind.

Having an experienced coach who helps you achieve your goals can be the difference between getting where you want to go or struggling to keep up. When you have Jason in your corner, you have a seasoned veteran who knows what you are going through and will help you dig in to reach that exceptional level.

If you are looking for more in your work, your team, your company and the overall impact you are making on the world around you, having Jason as your coach can be the difference in accelerating your growth effectively. 

Not only are you getting his 20+ years of experience as a C-Level executive, mentor and coach for hundreds of business leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs, but you are getting someone who is deeply dedicated to the success of the people he works with in business and life.
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Founder & CEO Jason Safford sits down to talk about how important coaching is to the success and the critical path a customer needs to choose in moving forward with the coach that is right for them.
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