D  r  i  v  e   I  m  p  a  c  t

28 Day
Business Plan 

How Exceptional is your plan?

About The 
28 Day Business Plan Challenge
Are you on track with your goals and objectives?

Business is never easy

And especially when a global pandemic has ravaged our world economy and our national politics is in chaos.

Then throw in the ongoing challenges of keeping up with technology, gadgets, widgets and whatnots that are constantly being shoved into your face with every new meeting, introduction and conversation as you try to swallow your pride from being in total overwhelm.

If you've read this far, you know you are looking for more.

That's why we decided to create the 
28 Days of Exceptionalism Challenge!

You have the drive and determination, its the clarity and consistency that always seems to be a moving target.

And here is where the challenge lies, how exceptional are you willing to make yourself for others?

Do you want to have some fun and find out? Let's do it!

If you want the lifestyle freedom to create the impact you want on others, let's start driving you towards The Exceptional Life!

We've created something awesome and fun for you to get started on your 2021 Journey to Exceptionalism right now - The 28 Days of Exceptionalism Challenge!

We want you to commit yourself for 
~ 7 minutes of Physical Activity
~ 7 minutes of reading
~ 7 minutes of writing and 
~ 7 minutes of meditation, 
that's 28 minutes a Day of focus!

Now improve on that focus every day by 1% for 28 Days!

That's 28% improvement in 28 Days!

Commit to 28 exceptional minutes for 28 Days for 28% better results for $28! That's the challenge! Are ready to see how exceptional you can make yourself?

Let's get started! I can't wait to see your results!

I guarantee you there's no better program out there to get you going faster and help you drive yourself to greater results in less time!

So what are you waiting for?

Commit to yourself for 28 Days and let's start having some fun in 2021!

I know you will be ecstatic with your results and you will have a whole new level of exceptionalism to share with your circles and tribe!

It's an incredible feeling to invest in yourself and a see the results of your transformation impacting others!

I am so grateful for your willingness to play FULL OUT and see how exceptional you can make yourself for 2021 and beyond!

And Remember, You're Only One Win Away!

ONLY $497.

Get the plan that gets you funding you want now!

Give us your best thoughts and ideas and we'll help you turn it into a fundable plan.

Let's see just how exceptional you can be.

For just $497 dollars, you get:
  • Membership in The Exceptional Life platform provides you with daily accountability for your goals, which means you have someone driving you forward every day
  • Worksheets and Action Steps: Straight forward directions and objectives to help inspire your focus
  •  Videos: Motivational talks and insights
  • ​Meditations: Healing, Energy, Relaxation, Health, Spirituality
  • ​Suggested Books and Readings
  • ​Connection to Community through Facebook Groups
  • ​Lots of fun bonuses!

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